Identity Theft Recovery Service - ID Theft Investigations, ID Theft Help, ID Theft Recovery, Stolen Identity, Identity Fraud, Fraud, Fraud Investigations, ID Theft Victim
ID Theft Investigations, ID Theft Help, ID Theft Recovery, Stolen Identity, Identity Fraud, Fraud, Fraud Investigations, ID Theft Victim

Investigative Services

Clinton Investigations has a rich compliment of tools it can engage in response to your investigative needs. When you need to locate witnesses, defendants, or other hard-to-find subjects; we can do that. When your mediations and settlement negotiations depend on strong facts in support of your position, we can help. When you need expert recorded statements and field investigations, we can provide those services. When you need civil, criminal, asset, background, and social networking investigations, we will make sure you know all there is to know.

While much of our work can be accomplished through the use of state-of-the-art technologies, we are prepared to respond to just about anywhere when your needs require field activities. As we proceed with our inquiry process, Clinton Investigations ensures applicable laws as well as common sense ethical standards are adhered to. Through timely updates, and 24/7 access to our secure on-line case management system, our clients remain informed about their cases on a real-time basis. And adjustments in strategy and budget can be made in an instant. Click here to contact us regarding our private investigative services.

Litigation Preparation

There is increasing need of professional investigative support for the legal community. This highly specialized resource may make the difference in advocating your case. Clinton Investigations understands that it is no longer sufficient just to answer the questions: who, what, where, when and how, to fulfill the investigative demand. There must be more. When you need an investigation related to a civil or criminal matter, we can help. Whether it involves occupational injuries, traffic fatalities, product liability, locating witnesses, or activities in preparation for litigation or criminal proceedings, we can help. We understand the legal perils you face in your environment, and are always seeking opportunities to anticipate and forewarn you of developments we see in the field. Clinton Investigations will provide you with facts, documentation, and evidence needed to make your most informed decisions. Click here�to contact us regarding our litigation preparation services.

Claim and Fraud Investigations

When an insurance claim, due to its complexity, scope, or other unique attributes, needs a higher level of scrutiny, Clinton Investigations can fill the task. We are experts in investigating a wide array of claims scenarios, including: automobile accidents, premises liability, burglaries, suspicious fires and arsons, application fraud, vendor fraud, premium fraud. When insurance fraud is suspected, not only can we package the investigation to meet statutory reporting requirements, Clinton Investigations will also work with local, state, and federal authorities in pursuit of prosecution. And we are prepared to testify in court proceedings. Click here�to contact us regarding our claim and fraud investigation services.


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