“Intexication” is not the deadliest driving distraction

I’m assuming an advantage  of being a new blogger is that as a neophyte, one is granted certain license by those that review your postings. License granted for a short period of time to mature, maybe, into a meaningful facilitator of information exchange.  To that end, I’m sure my window is closing, and I will have to settle into a more thematic approach.  Until then, or until other postings provide a road map to where this blog will go,  I will share with you some of my  stops in route to that destination.

So, while reviewing the latest issue of Property & Casualty 360 Daily eNews I came across an article detailing research done by Erie Insurance.  Insurance carriers are frequently engaged  in research and statistical analyses to determine premiums,  retrospective rating formulas, and such.  In this case Erie’s research identified  the 10 Deadliest Driving Distractions. While I thought texting while driving (TWD), an activity that reportedly increases the probability of an injury accident four-fold,  would come-in first, it rated second.  Here’s a link to the article; you may find it sobering. I did when I saw how many of those activities I engaged in on a daily basis: